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The Online Enviro-critical Community

By William Kay

Table of Contents

356 Enviro-Critical and/or Climate-Sceptical Websites

78 Funded Enviro-Critical Organizations

115 Philanthropic Donors to the Enviro-Critical Movement

2 Concluding Criticisms

Enviro-Critical and/or Climate-Sceptical Websites

(About this List)

The starting place for compiling this list were the “blogrolls” or “links” sections of the better known climate-sceptical and/or enviro-critical websites. Many of the websites listed there have blogrolls of their own, which were also surveyed. Overall, about 100 such lists were perused. Only websites appearing on these lists were selected for the list below.

About 20 blogrolls contain over 100 entries each but there is a lot overlapping content. Moreover, the lists tend to be poorly maintained and thus include many broken links and dud sites. They also include websites with little enviro-content.

The Lord Monckton Foundation website has an impressive 300 hyperlinks, but over half of these link not to websites but to individual articles, papers, and data-sets, or to pro-global warming sites including one that calls Lord Moncton a “purple crested crackpot.” In fairness to Lord Monckton, he is not advertising his list as being exclusively a roll call of enviro-critical/climate-sceptical sites. Only about 70 of his entries fit this definition, which still makes it one of the longest such lists on the Internet.

U Climate is a noble effort to produce a universal climate website collection. The site claims to draw postings from 150 climate sites but actually seems to draw from about 100. Of its 52 skeptical sites, 2 are not sceptical. Nevertheless, U Climate is a great idea and a site worth visiting.

None of the lists perused contain over 90 currently-active, enviro-critical/climate-sceptical websites. The list below is four times longer than any other. This reflects a community that really does not know itself.

True, the list below could be pared back. It includes multiple projects that trace to common sources. For instance, four websites are produced by the Center for Organizational Research and Education; however, in this and other instances, each website is a stand-alone, semi-independent project and thus appears as a separate entry. In other cases where multiple websites replicate a single source, only the presumed master site is listed.

A greater quandary is the dormant website. The exemplar of this phenomenon is World Climate Report. This seminal website is the most common resident on sceptics’ lists despite being dormant since 2012. Regarding the list below, if a website has not had a fresh posting since 2013, it was usually struck. Applying this rule excluded several dozen websites that appear regularly on sceptics’ lists.

A still greater quandary relates to websites whose enviro-critical information constitutes only a small portion of the website’s overall content. While no strict cut-off line was drawn, this concern excluded scores of websites.

On the other hand, the ultimate list of climate-sceptical/enviro-critical websites is probably over ten times longer than the one offered below. The reasons for this are:

  1. While almost all websites listed below hail from the English-speaking world, the list does contain entries from Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, South Africa, India, Argentina, Venezuela, etc. The Internet’s limited robot translation services renders sleuthing about in foreign languages problematic. Deeper investigation would no doubt generate many more entries. The Eco Tretas site alone links to 27 Portuguese eco-sceptical sites.

  2. Scores of the websites listed below issue forth from the libertarian fountainhead. Libertarians oppose government intervention into the market, and such intervention is precisely what environmentalists aim to increase. There are many libertarian websites. The Atlas Economic Research Foundation alone founded 400 libertarian think-tanks across 80 countries. While many libertarian sites are listed below, a full inventory of such sites, even winnowed to those with significant environmental commentary, was beyond the scope of this project.

  3. Similar to the previous point, there exist a large number pro-free-enterprise, limited-government, traditional-values, and/or classical-liberal pressure groups and webzines, each with a substantial Internet presence. Such groups lack the doctrinal purity of outright libertarians and tend to focus on practical political problems. Nevertheless, they all resist environmentalism. The State Policy Network is a coalition of 130 said groups. The Federalist Society has 75 chapters and other offshoots. Only a few representatives of this genre appear on the list below. As well, many Tea Party groups are not listed but could be.

  4. Several of the listed sites are part of a little-known, grassroots groundswell opposing wind power – i.e. the form of electrical generation most favoured by climate activists. The European Platform Against Windfarms has 957 member organizations. The North American Platform Against Wind Power links to 120 supporting organizations but includes few from the 50-member Ontario Wind Resistance. Across the globe at least 1,500 structured organizations oppose wind power. One problem here is that some of these organizations are green NIMBY groups sporting names like Forest Ecology Network and Save Our Lakes.

  5. While the list below includes a few mainstream media pundits and journalists, as a general rule such persons are not included. Celebs often do not have independent websites and are only contactable through their overlords and hence are incommunicado. Nevertheless, Tom Stossel, Rush Limbaugh, and about 40 others rightly belong on this list.

  6. This list does not include any of the hundreds of associations representing the oil, gas, nuclear, coal, pipeline, forestry, fishing, construction, and mining industries. Too often such groups espouse an appeasing Corporate Social Responsibility line. The problem is not, as the enviros allege, that big industrial firms lavish funds onto the enviro-counter movement. The problem is that they are not spending enough to ensure their own survival.

About 150 of the entries below are for simple blogs, meaning “web-logs” of individuals unconnected to any larger, funding agencies. Some blogs have blossomed into substantial enterprises. Jo Nova was selected top Australian blog in 2014 after receiving 600,000 hits. This website launched The Sceptic’s Handbook (Volumes 1 and 2), 200,000 copies of which have been distributed. Watts Up With That is the clear champion in this regard. Its 263 million cumulative hits have earned it numerous Internet awards.

Jeff Id relays how in the heyday of the Climate Gate scandal his blog (The Air Vent) peaked at 15,000 hits a day but has since quieted down, in part due to his own divided efforts. Real Science’s producer openly bemoans his inability to attract funders for his site. The Climate Scepticism initiative was launched because its producer felt the climate blogosphere was getting so crowded individual bloggers could no longer maintain visibility. So far this coalition project has attracted seven “sceptics” – two of whom are too sketchy to make it onto the list below.

Dozens of the website producers have hard copy books on the market and several websites are entirely devoted to advertising recently published books. Presumably all bloggers would welcome greater success in the conventional publishing and media realms, but obscure sites such as Green Corruption Files and No Tricks Zone often make for the most interesting reading.

  1. ABC Newswatch
  2. Accuracy in Media
  3. Adam Smith Institute 
  4. A Chemist in Langley
  5. A Skeptical Mind
  6. Africa Fighting Malaria
  7. Alan Moran
  8. Alex Cull
  9. Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions
  10. American Energy Alliance
  11. Americans for Limited Government
  12. Americans for Prosperity
  13. Americans for Tax Reform
  14. American Elephant
  15. American Legislative Exchange Council
  16. American Policy Center
  17. American Resources Policy Network
  18. American Spectator
  19. American Thinker
  20. An Honest Climate Debate
  21. Andrew Bolt  
  22. Anton Lang
  23. Art Horn
  24. Atlantic Institute of Market Studies
  25. Atlas Economic Research Foundation
  26. Aussie Madness
  27. Australian Climate Madness
  28. Australian Climate Sceptics Party
  29. Australian Environment Foundation
  30. Australian TEA Party
  31. A walk on the Natural Side
  32. Ayn Rand Institute
  33. Barrett Bellamy Climate
  34. Beacon Hill Institute
  35. Bert Kelly Research Centre
  36. Bjorn Lomborg
  37. Birdnow’s Aviary
  38. Big Green Radicals
  39. Bishop Hill (Andrew Montford)
  40. Bread and Butter Science
  41. Breitbart Media
  42. Bruderhiem Rural Electrification Association
  43. Bryan Leyland
  44. But Now You Know
  45. Climate Conservative Consumer
  46. Capital Research Center (Greenwatch)
  47. Canada Free Press
  48. Carbon Sense Coalition
  49. Carlin Economics and Science
  50. Catallaxy files
  51. Cato
  52. Center for Industrial Progress      
  53. Center for Organizational Research and Education
  54. Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
  55. CFACT
  56. Chemically Green
  57. Chiefio (Musings of the Chiefio)
  58. Christopher Booker
  59. Citizen Power Alliance
  60. Citizen’s Alliance for Responsible Energy
  61. Carboniferous-Period
  62. Climate Audit
  63. Climate Change Dispatch
  64. Climate Change Facts
  65. Climate Change Predictions
  66. Climate Change 101
  67. Climate Common Sense
  68. Climate Conservation Group
  69. Climate Contrarian
  70. Climate Debate Daily
  71. Climate Depot
  72. Climate Dice and Butterfly
  73. Climate Edinburgh
  74. Climate, Etc. (Judith Curry)
  75. Climate Gate
  76. Climate Guy
  77. Climate Lessons
  78. Climate of Sanity and Freedom
  79. Climate Observer (Tisdale)
  80. Climate of Sophistry
  81. Climate Realists of Norway
  82. Climate Resistance
  83. Climate Sanity
  84. Climate Scam
  85. Climate Science Coalition of America
  86. Climate Sense
  87. Climate Science Blog
  88. Climate Skeptic
  89. Climate Skeptic Shop
  90. Climate Scepticism
  91. Climate Views
  92. Climate 4 you
  93. Clive Best
  94. Club for Growth
  95. Colder Side of Global Warming
  96. Cooler Heads Coalition
  97. Competitive Enterprise Institute
  98. Congress of Racial Equality
  99. Conscious
  100. Cornwall Alliance
  101. Cosmic Tusk
  102. Coyote Blog
  103. CO2 Coalition
  104. CO2 Insanity
  105. CO2 Science Magazine
  106. CO2 Web
  107. Cranky Old Crow
  108. Crisis and Energy Markets
  109. Daniel Ben Ami
  110. David Archibald
  111. Defy Climate Cult and Alarmism
  112. Delingpole
  113. Deltoid
  114. Die Klimaziebel
  115. Die Kalte Sonne
  116. Digging in the Clay
  117. Discovery Institute
  118. Don Aitken
  119. Don Easterbrook
  120. Donner und Doria    
  121. Dr. Ross McKitrick
  122. Dr. Tim Ball
  123. Duane Pendergast
  124. Ecofascism
  125. Ecolopedia
  126. Eco-Imperialism (Paul Driessen)
  127. Ecology: Myths and Frauds
  128. Ecomyths
  129. Eco Tretas
  130. Eco-Tyranny
  131. EIKE Klima
  132. Enthusiasm, Skepticism, etc.
  133. Energy and Environment
  134. Energy and Environment Legal Institute
  135. Energy in Depth
  136. Energy Matters (Euan Mearns)
  137. Environmental Policy Alliance
  138. EPA Abuse
  139. EPA Facts
  140. Errors in IPCC Climate Science
  141. EU Referendum
  142. European Platform Against Windfarms
  143. Eyes on Browne
  144. Fair Questions
  145. Federalist Society
  146. Fenbeagle
  147. Forecasting Principles
  148. Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
  149. Fraser Institute
  150. Free Republic
  151. Free to Choose Network
  152. Freedom Foundation of Minnesota www.freedomfoundation.publishpath.com6
  153. Freedom Works
  154. Friends of Science
  155. Frontier Centre for Public Policy
  156. Frontiers of Freedom
  157. Frontier 2000
  158. Galileo Movement
  159. Gary Sharp
  160. Gelbspan Files
  161. Geocraft
  162. George Marshall Institute
  163. Global Climate Scam
  164. Global Governance Watch
  165. Global Warming and the Climate
  166. Global Warming Hoax
  167. Global Warming Issues
  168. Global Warming Policy Foundation
  169. Global Warming Skeptics Forum
  170. Global Warming Solved
  171. GMO Pundit
  172. Gore Lied
  173. Green Agenda
  174. Green Decoys
  175. Green Corruption Files
  176. Green Spirit
  177. Greenie Watch
  178. Green World Trust
  179. Grumpy Denier
  180. Habitat 21
  181. Harmless Sky  
  182. Heartland Institute
  183. Heritage Foundation
  184. Hide the Decline
  185. Hooterville Gazette
  186. Hudson Institute
  187. Ice Age Now
  188. Ice Cap
  189. I Hate Al Gore
  190. I Love CO2
  191. I Love My CO2
  192. Independent Institute
  193. Independent Women’s Forum
  194. Inhofe, Senator
  195. Institute for Energy Research  
  196. Institute for Free Enterprise
  197. Institute for Humane Studies at GMU
  198. Institute for Liberty
  199. Institute for Private Enterprise
  200. Institute of Economic Affairs
  201. Institu Juan de Mariana
  202. Institute of Public Affairs
  203. Institu Bruno Leoni
  204. ICSC
  205. Jennifer Marohasy
  206. John Coleman
  207. John Locke Foundation
  208. JoNova
  209. Judith Curry
  210. Junk Science
  211. Ken’s Kingdom
  212. Kev Gillett
  213. Kill CARB
  214. Knowledge Problem
  215. Landscape and Cycles
  216. Lavoisier Group
  217. Looking for Patterns in Instrumental Data
  218. Lord Monckton Foundation
  219. Luke-warmers
  220. Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  221. Manhattan Institute
  222. Manic Bean Counter
  223. Mannkal Economics Education Foundation
  224. Marcel Crok
  225. Mark Musser
  226. Mark Steyn
  227. Marita Noon  
  228. Martin Durkin
  229. Master Resource
  230. Media Research Center
  231. Melanie Philips
  232. Mercatus Center
  233. Michael James Barker
  234. Michele Malkin
  235. Middlebury Network
  236. Minnesotans for Global Warming 
  237. Moderating Climate Change Hysteria
  238. Mostly Harmless 101
  239. MRC Newsbusters
  240. My Garden Pond
  241. National Association of Scholars
  242. National Black Chamber of Commerce  
  243. National Center for Policy Analysis
  244. National Center for Public Policy Research
  245. National Wind Watch
  246. New Climate Model
  247. New Nostramedus of the North
  248. Next Grand Minimum
  249. New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
  250. Nick Cater Lucky Culture
  251. Nir Shaviv
  252. No B-S here
  253. No Hot Air
  254. No Tricks Zone
  255. Nofrakkingconsensus
  256. Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change
  257. North American Platform Against Wind Power
  258. North Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment
  259. Not a Lot of People Know That
  260. Numberwatch
  261. Observatory ARVAL
  262. Omnilogos
  263. Ontario Wind Resistance
  264. Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
  265. Pacific Legal Foundation
  266. Pacific Research Institute
  267. Paradigm and Demographics
  268. Park Privatization
  269. Paul MacRae False Alarm
  270. Perpetual Motion (Colin McInnis)
  271. Peter O’Neill’s Blog
  272. Pete’s Place
  273. Plants Need CO2
  274. Pointman’s
  275. Polar Bear Science
  276. Policlimate
  277. Pope’s Climate Theory
  278. Population Research Institute
  279. Popular Technology
  280. Power Line
  281. Principia Scientific International
  282. Property and Environment Research Center
  283. Quadrant
  284. Rational Optimist 
  285. Real CO2
  286. Real Science
  287. Reason
  288. Rebel Media
  289. Redneck USA
  290. Red State
  291. Resilient Earth
  292. Richard Tol
  293. Ric Werme
  294. Right Side News
  295. Roger Helmer
  296. Roy Spencer
  297. Science and Environment Policy Project
  298. Science and Public Policy Institute
  299. SciMed Skeptic
  300. Science Skeptical
  301. Scragged
  302. Sixty Plus Association
  303. Shub Niggurath Climate
  304. Skeptic’s Corner
  305. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
  306. Small Dead Animals
  307. Solar Cycle 24
  308. Spiked
  309. Spiel Climate
  310. State Policy Network
  311. Statistics and Other Things
  312. Steve Goreham
  313. Stockholm Initiative
  314. Stop These Things
  315. Strata-Sphere
  316. Sunrise’s Swansong
  317. Sunshine Hours
  318. Tallbloke’s Talkshop
  319. Talking About the Weather
  320. Terri Jackson’s Scientific Blog
  321. Texas Public Policy Foundation
  322. The Air Vent
  323. The Blackboard  
  324. The Carbon Sense Coalition
  325. The Climate Bet
  326. The Energy Advocate
  327. The Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science
  328. The Hockey Schtick
  329. The Inconvenient Skeptic
  330. The Little Skeptic
  331. The Right Climate Stuff
  332. The Scientific Alliance
  333. The Tropical Meteorology Project     
  334. The View From Here
  335. Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy
  336. Tim Worstall
  337. Tom Nelson
  338. Tory Aardvark
  339. Trust Yet Verify
  340. TWAWKI
  341. uClimate
  342. Undue Influence
  343. Unsettled Climate
  344. US Action News
  345. Virginia Institute for Public Policy
  346. Washington Legal Foundation
  347. Washington Policy Center
  348. Watts Up With That
  349. We Are Narrative
  350. Weather Action
  351. Weather In Canada Observer
  352. Web Commentary
  353. What Really Happened
  354. Wind Action
  355. Where is the AGW
  356. Wrong Kind of Green

Funded Enviro-Critical Organizations

(About this List)

This second list is culled from the first list. It contains the websites of the larger funded organizations devoting significant resources to criticizing the environmental movement.

Before plunging into this list, it is important to remind that between these large funded organizations and the solo-operator blogs, the main list above also contains another 100 entries defying easy classification.

Scores of websites such as Popular Technology and International Climate Science Coalition are well-produced, seemingly professional, collective affairs yet do not appear to be from funded organizations – or at least not funded to the extent of a Fraser Institute or Heritage Foundation.

Another genre of enviro-critical/climate-sceptical website consists of alternative commercial media outlets who, without significant philanthropic or tax-deductible funding, have succeeded in attracting sufficient readership and advertising to employ full-time staff. Examples include: Spiked!, US Action News, American Spectator, American Thinker, Brietbart, Canada Free Press, Rebel Media, and Right Side News. While these are for-profit media businesses, there is no lumping them in with the mainstream media oligopoly. At the same time, they are clearly a class apart from the run-of-the-mill blogs.

Yet another difficult-to-define genre of website belongs to a gallery of academics, writers, and journalists who have acquired quasi-celebrity status, at least within the enviro-counter movement, and yet who remain for the most part independent. We have in mind here the likes of Judith Curry, Ross McKitrick, Nir Shaviv, Richard Tol, Steve Milloy, Jo Nova, Mark Steyn, Paul Driessen, James Delingpole, Marita Noon, Matt Ridley, Michelle Malkin, Marc Morano, Donna Laframboise, Bjorn Lomborg, etc.

  1. Accuracy in Media
  2. Adam Smith Institute
  3. Africa fights Malaria
  4. American Energy Alliance
  5. Americans for Limited Government
  6. Americans for Prosperity
  7. Americans for Tax Reform
  8. American Legislative Exchange Council
  9. American Policy Center
  10. American Resources Policy Network
  11. Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
  12. Atlas Economic Research Foundation
  13. Ayn Rand Institute
  14. Bert Kelly Research Centre
  15. Capital Research Center
  16. Cato Institute
  17. Center for Industrial Progress
  18. Center for Organizational Research and Education
  19. Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
  20. Citizens for a Constructive Tomorrow
  21. Citizen Power Alliance
  22. Club for Growth
  23. Competitive Enterprise Institute
  24. Congress of Racial Equality
  25. Cornwall Alliance
  26. CO2 Coalition
  27. CO2 Science
  28. Discovery Institute
  29. Energy and Environment Legal Institute
  30. Energy in Depth
  31. Federalist Society
  32. Franklin Center for Government and Public Accountability
  33. Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
  34. Fraser Institute
  35. Freedom Works
  36. Free to Choose Network
  37. Friends of Science
  38. Frontier Centre for Public Policy
  39. George Marshall Institute
  40. Global Warming Research
  41. Heartland Institute
  42. Heritage Foundation
  43. Hudson Institute
  44. Independent Institute
  45. Independent Women’s Forum
  46. Institute for Economic Affairs
  47. Institute for Energy Resources
  48. Institute for Free Enterprise
  49. Institute for Humane Studies (GMU)
  50. Institute for Liberty
  51. Institute for Private Enterprise
  52. Institute of Public Affairs
  53. Institute Bruno Leoni
  54. John Locke Foundation
  55. Lavoisier Society
  56. Lord Monckton Foundation
  57. Mackinac Center
  58. Master Resource
  59. Media Research Center
  60. Mercatus Center
  61. National Association of Scholars
  62. National Black Chamber of Commerce
  63. National Center for Public Policy Research
  64. National Coalition for Policy Analysis
  65. National Wind Watch
  66. North American Platform Against Wind Power
  67. Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine
  68. Pacific Legal
  69. Pacific Research
  70. Population Research Institute
  71. Property and Environment Research Center
  72. Reason Foundation
  73. Sixty 60 Plus
  74. Small Business and Entrepreneurial Council
  75. Texas Public Policy Foundation
  76. Thomas Jefferson Institute
  77. Washington Legal Foundation
  78. Washington Policy Center

Philanthropic Donors to the Enviro-Critical Movement

(About this List)

A rare hat-tip must go out regarding the third list. The environmental movement devotes substantial resources to monitoring its adversaries. Source Watch maintains a data base of 4,000 Wikipedia-style articles on critics of the environmental movement. Greenpeace’s Anti-Environmental Archives warehouses 27,000 documents. Even more useful is the dogged investigative work done by Desmogblog and Conservative Transparency. The list below is drawn mainly from Desmogblog, Source Watch, and Conservative Transparency commentaries on the funding of the groups appearing on the list above.

Many of the groups listed below are run by very private people. If no website is listed alongside the foundation, it is because no website can be found. Those with websites often provide no contact information. Many are contactable only through the regular postal service, and some make it clear they do not read unsolicited requests for money.

Where available and useful, additional information appears alongside the name of the funding agency.

Note: Several donors are not original sources of funds but are intermediaries.

Also note: At least four of these groups (Fairbrook, Rotella, Walton, and Windway) also fund green NGOs.

  1. Abstraction Fund – Rosenwald family (Sears) – Nina Rosenwald
  2. Aequus Institute – Aequus Foundation
  3. Alan and Hope Winters Foundation
  4. Allegheny Foundation – Scaife family
  5. American Action Network
  6. American Chemistry Council
  7. American Future Fund
  8. American Petroleum Institute
  9. Armstrong Foundation
  10. Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
  11. Aurea Foundation – Peter Munk
  12. Barbara and Barre Seid Foundation
  13. Barney Family Foundation
  14. Bill and Berniece Grewcock Foundation
  15. Blair Foundation
  16. Bochnowski Family Foundation – James J. Bochnowski
  17. Bradley Foundation – Harry Bradley
  18. Brady Education Foundation
  19. Castle Rock Foundation – Coors family
  20. Center for Independent Thought
  21. Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
  22. Charlotte and Walter Kohler Charitable Trust
  23. Chase Foundation of Virginia – Derwood Chase Jr.
  24. Chiaroscuro Foundation
  25. CIGNA Foundation
  26. Claws Foundation – Free Enterprise Action Fund – Susquehanna Investments – Arthur Dantchuk, Jeffrey Yees, and Alan P. Dye
  27. Concerned Women for America
  28. Cornerstone Foundation
  29. Crossroads GPS – Republican Party Super PAC
  30. DCI Group – Republican Party PR firm
  31. Deramus Foundation
  32. Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
  33. Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation
  34. Donors Capital Fund
  35. Donors Trust
  36. Dunn’s Foundation for the Advancement of Right Thinking – William Dunn
  37. Dorothy and Joseph Moller Foundation
  38. David H. Koch Charitable Foundation
  39. Earhart Foundation
  40. Ed Uihelm Family Foundation
  41. Freedom Partners (Koch-related)
  42. F.M. Kirby Foundation
  43. Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice
  44. Foundation for Economic Education
  45. Fairbrook Foundation – Aubrey Chernick
  46. Fairchild-Martindale Foundation
  47. George Edward Durell Foundation
  48. Gilder Foundation – Richard Gilder
  49. Howard Foundation
  50. Hickory Foundation – Virginia Gilder
  51. Herrick Foundation – Todd Herrick
  52. Holman Foundation
  53. Independent Women’s Voice
  54. Jaquelin Hume Foundation – Hume family (Basic American Foods)
  55. JM Foundation 
  56. John Templeton Foundation
  57. John W Pope Foundation
  58. Joyce and David Rumsfeld Foundation
  59. John Dawson Foundation
  60. Joe R. Lee Family Foundation (Clarion Fund)
  61. Kovner Foundation
  62. Kantner Foundation
  63. Lilian S. Wells Foundation – Marion Wells
  64. Lovett and Ruth Peters Foundation - Dan Peters
  65. Lowndes Foundation – William Lowndes III
  66. Leadership Institute
  67. Lynn and Foster Friess Family Foundation – connected to
  68. MacLellan Foundation
  69. Marshall Heritage Foundation
  70. My – Act Wireless
  71. National Association of Manufacturers
  72. National Christian Foundation
  73. Neal and Jane Freeman Foundation
  74. Newton Becker Foundation
  75. Orville and Ruth Merillat Foundation
  76. Peter Peterson Foundation
  77. Paul Singer Foundation (Singer heads Manhattan Institute)
  78. Philanthropy Roundtable
  79. Philip McKenna Foundation
  80. phRMA
  81. Pierre Goodrich Foundation – connected to
  82. Ravenal Curry Foundation – Ravenal B. Curry III
  83. Reams Foundation
  84. Richard Aster Jr. Foundation
  85. Richard Devos Foundation (Amway)
  86. Reynolds American
  87. Robert and Marie Hansen Foundation
  88. Robert and Star Pepper Foundation
  89. Robert P. Rotella Foundation
  90. Same Line Foundation
  91. Sarah Scaife Foundation – largest of four Scaife foundations
  92. Searle Freedom Trust
  93. Sidney Swensrud Foundation
  94. Smith Richardson Foundation – Richardson family (Vick’s)
  95. State Policy Network -
  96. Stiles Nicholson Foundation
  97. Stuart Family Foundation - Robert D. Stuart (Quaker Oats)
  98. Sweetfeet Foundation
  99. TC4 Trust - Koch family
  100. The Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation
  101. The McWethy Foundation
  102. The Randolf Foundation – Richardson family
  103. The Robertson-Finley Foundation
  104. The Roe Foundation – Thomas Roe (founder of State Policy Network)
  105. The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation
  106. Tepper Family Foundation
  107. The Weiler Foundation
  108. Thewes Family Foundation
  109. The Whitcomb Charitable Foundation
  110. Walton Family Foundation
  111. Wellspring Committee
  112. William Donner Foundation
  113. William E. Simon Foundation
  114. Windway Foundation – Kohler family
  115. Woodhouse Family Foundation

Concluding Criticisms

One could spend a long time praising the above websites. Amongst their other accomplishments, the online enviro-critical community have demolished the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) hypothesis and have broadcast this message to millions of people despite concerted opposition from the mainstream media and elite academia. The science is settled – CAGW is a joke.

This leads to one of two principal criticisms of the online enviro-critical community; namely, that too much attention is given to Climate relative to other aspects of environmentalism.

Granted the climate industrial complex is a $1.5 trillion a year monster profoundly warping energy policies around the world, but the global recycling industrial complex also garners at least $200 billion per year. Most recycling, like renewable energy, would not happen, and need not happen, but for the relentless lobbying and lying of the international environmental movement. The online enviro-critical community rarely broaches the topic of recycling, and no websites are exclusively devoted to this topic while scores of enviro-critical websites are dedicated to Climate.

Likewise, only one website listed above (GMO Pundit) focuses on environmentalism’s attack on genetically modified foods. Only one website (Population Research Institute) focuses on combatting environmentalism’s overpopulation campaign – a massive crusade engendering cultural changes few people dare fathom.

Moreover, land-use policy remains the primary interest of the environmental movement. The economic consequences of this endeavour exceed all other aspects of environmentalism combined. Land-use policy affects housing costs, food prices, resource development, construction activity, and commercial overhead. Environmentalism’s sequestration of land materially harms most of the world’s population.

While many of the above websites do take on the land issue, one has to hunt for such articles and essays; and land use is rarely a designated topic, or the sole concern, of a website. The only real example of the latter is the tepid: Park Privatization. The Cato Institute has a sub-section within their Energy and Environment section devoted to Urban Growth and Transportation, which carries articles on point. More germane information is found in the Adam Smith Institute’s The Green Noose (urban greenbelts) and in the Institute for Energy Research’s The Economic Effects of Unlocking Federal Lands.

Climate-dedicated outfits like Friends of Science and Global Warming Policy Forum are increasingly straying off the reservation to expose bogus pollution scares and academic perfidy. This is a good thing. The solution is not to let up on the Climate hoax but to expand the overall reach and scope of the online enviro-critical community.


The second criticism involves political terminology. The three primary political traditions are: Socialism, Conservativism, and Liberalism (or Left, Right, and Centre, respectively). If you find this an oversimplification, then you must surely reject the rigid Liberal-Conservative (or Left-Right) binary into which enviro-criticism is squished.

The above labels are historic terms relating mainly to economic policy. The essence of Socialism remains public ownership of the commanding heights of the economy – at least of the major financial and industrial sectors. Liberalism, or the policy of the Centre, advocates minimal government intrusion into the market and the leaving of economic activity, as much as possible, in private hands. The original Conservatives advocated keeping most property, certainly land, in private hands, but they also demanded strong governmental control of business activity.

During the first half of the 20th century, the most militant, and successful, faction of Europe’s Conservative movement became known as the “fascists.” This was not a fringe movement. Circa 1941 fascist regimes ruled every country in Europe save Russia and Britain. While many fascist parties and leaders perished in the Second World War, the political tradition and its base, Europe’s landed estate, rose from the ashes.

Through Orwellian linguistic manipulation the terms “Left” and “Liberal” were appropriated by what had hitherto been called the Conservative movement across much of the English-speaking world. Now we have “liberals” calling for ever more stringent state regulation. Now we have a “radical left” dominated by billionaires, aristocrats, and established churches.

Neo-fascism (i.e. environmentalism) is often described as “left-liberal” but leftism and liberalism is precisely what it opposes. This muddled discourse allows neo-fascists to masquerade as the freedom-loving friends of the common folk. This is a movement that restricts economic freedom in order to suppress what they perceive as unneeded and disruptive growth in full knowledge that such restrictions will immiserate broad swaths of the population.

The enviro-critical movement is almost unanimous in the view that environmentalism is some leftish liberal affair. Red-baiting abounds. Mark Musser and John Ray (Greenie Watch) deserve credit for correctly connecting modern environmentalism to classical fascism, but both insist on sledgehammering the triangular peg of proper political terminology into the binary slot of Cold War anti-communism.

Traditional leftists are found on the main list above (Michael James Barker, Climate Guy, Wrong Kind of Green, Climate Resistance et al.) and their sites make for interesting reading. Wrong Kind of Green, despite being militant environmentalist agitprop, and despite being run by yet another counterfeit Indian, is a treasure trove of dirt on Big Green.

Barker’s excellent “environment” section exposes another part of the problem. Here we have someone who is convinced environmentalism is dominated by reactionary plutocrats with fascist roots, and who is convinced that “overpopulation” is a myth central to their agenda, but who cannot take the next step and acknowledge that Peak Oil, Acid Rain, Global Warming, and the entire “ecological crisis” are also myths.

The enviro-critical movement is now almost unanimous in the opinion that environmentalism is a project of certain wealthy elites. This is no secret. The controlling minds of giant philanthropic trusts and major multinational corporations are required by law to make public their contributions to green NGOs, and they usually comply. One could compile a list of 500 extremely wealthy individuals, from Prince Albert to Tom Steyer, who have publically plunged into the green pond. This is not a milieu where one finds radical levellers. These people are obviously not “leftists.”

Calling actual socialists “reds” is fair comment. Calling neo-fascists masquerading as leftists “reds” is aiding and abetting the enemy.


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